Do you have a channel?

Often the owners of channels need visual breaks, films and short and medium clips that present a meaningful message that introduces the world to God Almighty and His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and they are looking for someone to provide them with these products in high quality suitable for publication on screens..

From this standpoint, we announce the Guide to Videos initiative to publish advocacy content on satellite TV screens "for free" in HD quality to be of assistance to you with the films and clips we produced that enrich your screens and increase your viewers; Seeking the pleasure of God by spreading goodness in creation, and a desire to maximize the wages of those who contribute to the production of content.

By joining us, you will get the following benefits:

  • You receive our new work periodically.
  • Own a copy of some of our work without the logos.
  • Presenting ideas that we are working on to produce and implement after studying and approving them.
  • Publish your channel logo on our website as a strategic partner.
  • Collaborate in translating our clips into the language your channel speaks.
  • To participate in the production of films in line with our strategic plans.
We are pleased to provide you with your information by filling in the following form: